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Shadow Architect, P.C. specializes in creating environments for living, working, dining, and retreating from the every day. Led by Architect Larry Cohn, we work closely with our clients to address their particular needs, to create unique design solutions, and to bring each project to fruition.

The firm focuses on residential and commercial work in New York City and the surrounding areas, with projects varying widely in scope, budget, and vision. Past commissions for the company include apartment & house renovations, ground-up construction, loft conversions, restaurants, cafés, retail spaces and offices, as well as furniture, lighting and cabinetry design.

Wherever possible, we incorporate environmentally responsible design practices, not only through the use of “green” or otherwise sustainable materials, but also with ideas of passive heating and cooling, energy efficiency, and the repurposing of materials and buildings. Throughout the process, we continue to involve ourselves in the investigation of materials and form, to deliver personalized, visually engaging environments.



Larry Cohn is a South African-born architect whose extensive work experience and love of design led to the creation of Shadow Architect, P.C. As a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Master’s program, he builds upon his theoretical training through specialized work with clients ranging from nationally recognized developers to first-time buyers and entrepreneurs. Cohn has completed projects in a number of New York City Landmark buildings and a LEED Silver home in Upstate New York. He is a registered architect in the state of New York and a LEED Accredited Professional. His work and understanding of how people use space continue to be informed by his travels over five continents.

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Choosing the long-distance path to an architecture career, Courtney studied art history and French as an undergraduate and then spent a year in AmeriCorps building affordable housing in Washington, DC. Returning to her hometown of Houston, she obtained her Masters of Architecture degree from Rice University, where she also co-designed and built the Rice Centennial House, a Habitat for Humanity home in Houston’s Fifth Ward. The design is still used by Habitat chapters for its sustainable and creative approach to building within Habitat's off-the-shelf, cost-efficient methodology.

Courtney enjoys working on the varied aspects of Shadow Architect’s projects, but especially finding inventive ways to create something new within the storied built fabric of New York City. She also finds inspiration in the rich materiality of Brazilian and Japanese architecture. 

Not willing to conform to the often monochrome world of architects, Courtney keeps things interesting at Shadow Architect, P.C. with her ever-changing hair color.

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Junior Designer

Aleks is a Norwegian born architectural designer working and living in New York City. He began his journey to become an architect in Philadelphia, studying architecture at Temple University, where he undertook many enticing projects that tested and proved his determination, ability and passion for design.

Since graduating with his Bachelor of Architecture degree, Aleks has gathered experience in Oslo, Norway, and Pennsylvania and New York in the United States, and he is continuously looking for creative ways to improve his design work.  As such, his process often involves combining 3D modeling, hand-sketching, and physical model-making, and he is a big believer in the idea that the most successful projects have a strong concept that carries through from schematic design through construction. 

Besides evolving professionally at work, Aleks enjoys playing soccer and traveling to view new works of architecture around the world. Currently, he is also working towards obtaining his architecture license and in between studying and office time, he continues exploring the city.

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All photos by George Billard